This was my first trip abroad. I was a part of a month long project in France and The Netherlands. The 30-days experience made me much matured and wiser.”
Anuj Pal Kapoor


“I volunteered in Japan  for three months during May-July 2016 under a SCC (Stop Climate Change) project.  This was my first time. Living with local host and being guided by them was a dream come true. I experienced local life and hospitality which most travellers are oblivious to. Above all I ended up saving a lot of money. It was opportunity that gave me unforgettable memories. Well for sure I shall be interested to volunteer again.”
SamePal Singh


“If it was not for RUCHI, I would never have gone abroad. I had attended 2 workcamps in Hong Kong (2011) and Thailand (2014). The experience was amazing!! I returned as a person with contentment and a feeling to have contributed to a cause. After a break of 2 years a project in Romania interested me and happily I participated in the 30 days long project there during 2016. The experience was awesome and made me more wiser.”
Mukesh Thakur


“I like travelling so I travelled quite a bit before and after the workcamp in Spain, Unfortunately I had lost my wallet just on the first day in Madrid, but I was happy because the camp leaders really supported me all through it, and I was able to save enough money while staying in the camp to be able to continue my travel.
This was my third international camp, and it was incredible quite truly, I have been particularly interested in Music and had desire of working in similar environment, and I wasn’t disappointed.
The environment was really friendly, one thing every volunteer has to remember while going to such camps is that you have to be open minded, and communicative, in order to be having the best possible time in such camps. It’s very important.
The best part without a doubt is the cultural exchange, that you manage to communicate and make such close friends with people, who don’t even share a similar cultural background and that’s when you realize and understand this world better. I think it’s a very very important experience, my third now. The work was quite a bit, but never felt like a burden, because of these ‘friends’ I had made.” 
Shikhar Srivastva


The volunteer program (MASHIKO PROJECT in Japan) started on 3rd Oct, 2013 and ended on 20th Nov, 2013. In this program we mainly volunteered for 4 kinds of activities. Namely, maintenance of ‘Bamboo Forest, Maintaining and building of children forest, Helping in building of children park and volunteering for the plantation of black pine trees near the beach to prevent the floods and to minimize the damage inflicted by the Tsunami.
Apart from above said activities, we also participated in a Charity walk organized by a NGO called ‘’FOOD BANK’’ along with other participants from different NGOs. This event was organized to raise funds for those people who are ‘’homeless’’ and don’t have proper daily meal.
We started our walk from a city called Utsunomiya located in Tochigi prefecture and continued to a place called Nikko. In total we covered 56.7km in 2 days.
It was a nice experience for me as I never had any such opportunity. This program provided me with better understanding of people, society, environment, and of the things around us.”
Parshant Jain


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