If you have any free time whilst at RUCHI, you may wish to have a look at some of these places of interest.

They are all accessible using our trusty bus services.

When visiting Shimla and Chail, it’s probably best to spend the night at Shimla or Solan, and it’s probably advisable to spend a night at Chandigarh to take advantage of your visit.


What Sabathu offers:

  • A very good bazaar covering most shopping needs.
  • The Gurkha Army Complex – but watch any stray bullets!
  • An excellent dhaba at the bottom of the bazaar on the left . It’s run by a Nepalese family and they serve excellent omelettes and Momos. It’s a tiny little establishment with a green door.
  • Post Office and some banking facilities.
  • Very good internet connection – at the top of the bazaar on the left. Only about 25 rupees for an hour.


What Kasuli offers:

  • A decent bazaar with some touristy shops.

  • Walk up to Monkey Point and its picnic site.

  • Internet connection although it’s a tad slow and pricey.

  • Attractive woods for walking.


What Shimla offers:

  • A good range of shopping in both the lower and upper malls.

  • Take a trek up to the Jakhu Temple, but beware of the monkeys!

  • Excellent woods and forests for walking.

  • The yellow Christ Church!

  • Good supply of banks and internet cafes.


What Chail offers:

  • The World’s highest cricket pitch – supposedly.

  • Chail Palace.

  • Excellent countryside for walking.


What Chandigarh offers:

  • The Nek Chand Rock Garden – Sector 4.

  • The Rose Garden – Sector 16.

  • An array of shops in Sector 17.

  • Chandigarh City museum – Sector 10,

  • Clothes market – Sector 22

  • National Portrait Gallery – Sector 17,

  • Many banks and internet cafes.

  • The Hostel for Pavement Dwellers run by the Red Cross – next to the bus station (only 40 rupees per night).

  • Pinjore Gardens (visit it on the way back from Chandigarh)