Mission : Integrated Rural Development through People Centred Environmentally Sustainable Action.

RUCHI lays great emphasis on ‘people’s power’. The consequence can be noticed in the environment of team spirit, collective experience, hard work and commitment in which and on the basis of which the whole organization runs. Very essentially this is manifested through the dedicated RUCHI team who proficiently strives to achieve the mission mentioned above. Now, more than ever before, RUCHI has long- and short-term volunteers participating in the project activities injecting fresh ideas and knowledge into the strong RUCHI team.

Vision: A society which is armed with information and knowledge to achieve comfortable living standards; which believe in good governance, equality and respect for each other.

Belief System

  • People have an inherent capacity to achieve – even in the face of adverse conditions – provided they are given with help and guidance.

  • Resources, goods, information and technology should be shared amongst and between communities.

  • People should be empowered to demand services by virtue of being human and as a basic human right.

  • Women play an important catalytic role in development.

  • Both development and management should be participatory.

  • Social change can occur through economic stability and independence.

  • Economic stability and independence can be achieved though optimal and sustainable use of local resources.