The VolunTour project is funded by European Commission in the framework of ERASMUS+ Programme that aims at capacity building in the field of youth.

Through this European Voluntary Service (EVS) project young volunteers participate in various activities (EVS) between Europe and Asia, that will allow them to experience living and working in the different environment, developing new skills, communication, leadership or self management and sense of initiative and having the life changing experience.

The project has already kick started with the first KOM in Hungary during 3rd week of February 2017.  The two Indian EVS volunteers to do their 5 months placement in Hungary starting from 1st May 2017 have also been selected.

The goal of “VolunTour” project is to empower local and international NGOs in the management of “volunt-tourists” groups, following an educational path and offering the chance to develop an economically sustainable model to impact local societies through responsible volunteerism.  The project is different from “voluntourism” which are usually organized by travel agencies and led by a trained travel guide.

The main objective of this project is to develop a new format of international mobilities for young people, fully organized and implemented by NGOs. These mobilities will be defined from now on as “volun-tours”: a mixture of cultural awareness tours and change-making actions organized by NGOs working on the field, with the purpose to offer quality-learning experience to international volunteers through the interaction with local communities, and to inspire active participation and advocacy in the communities.

By valuing the know-how of the partners involved, the aim of the project is to develop the organisations’competences to create a new and sustainable entrepreneurial concept arising from non-formal education principles and to promote particular volunteering experiences with common quality standards and change making goals.

This EVS project envisages  that  volunteering initiatives in areas of responsible tourism could function as a trigger for social reflection and change-making actions in the communities and to raise global awareness through online campaigns while promoting the “volun-tours” experiences.  EVS volunteers from India will learn how to develop this aspect through web communication, while European EVS volunteers in India will design together with RUCHI  the “volun-tours” journeys. During the study visit of European youth workers in Asia, the tour will be tested with a first group of foreigners participating.

The volunteers will mainly be working in the office of the Hungarian host organisation doing IT related work.  Volunteers will be working 35 hours per week, and will have 2 days off per month of holidays, Saturdays and Sundays are free.  They will get an allowance to cover food, accommodation and out of pocket expenses as per organisational norms.